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Road to the City - A Pilgrim's Journey

by Adrian Plass , Mal Pope , Julie Costello , Phil Baggaley , Ian Blythe , Dave Clifton , and Neil Costello ,

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A companion album to City of Gold, Road to the City describes the discovery and subsequent journey towards faith. Revisiting John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and mixing extracts with new pieces of contemporary writing and evocative music, the eternal realities and everyday doubts and struggles familiar to us all are captured beautifully in an absorbing and challenging way.

Adrian Plass, Mal Pope and Julie Costello again combine to bring us songs and words that reflect and kindle the gentle light of faith.

‘An album with so many good things ….. a delight from start to finish’
Cross Rhythms magazine

Track list:
1 The dream (pilgrim's progress)
2 Miracle of love
3 Once I've cleaned this house up
4 Father of lights
5 The dream of being special
6 Saying things to you (I've never said before)
7 I cannot make you love me
8 Let forgiveness break the chain
9 A wayside cross (pilgrim's progress)
10 There is a green hill
11 Joybringer
12 To be a pilgrim
13 Your hand will cover mine
14 Something to look forward to
15 Carry me away
16 Caught in your light
A perfect view (pilgrim's progress)